For an established business, setting budgets is fundamental to ensuring that you achieve profitability. It is not possible to run any business without knowing what the costs are to run the business and the costs of making the sales.

Using software such as an accounting package from Sage, it is possible to set the budgets up in advance of the year based on past knowledge. The software can then be modified to present to you monthly / quarterly accounts with actual trading compared to budget / forecasts.
We have seen businesses that operate their businesses with such budgets being extremely successful and in some cases having the ability to survive through recessions.
Using the projections the client can determine matters such as staffing levels, rents payable and the overall cost of the overheads.
It is not necessary to have advanced / complex systems in place to provide budgets/ forecasting, indeed a suitably prepared Excel spreadsheet can provide vital information for your business.
Here is a selection of budgets / forecasts that we have provided our clients in the past...