CIS Returns

If your business is one that supplies building / construction services to the construction industry, then you must be fully informed of your obligations under the Construction Industry Scheme otherwise known as CIS. Failure to do so, will result in you and your business incurring fines at a monthly rate of £100 per month of failure. In a short period this could amount to several £000's in penalties and in many cases you may not be able to appeal against those penalties!

We can provide you with full support and advice on your obligations, ensuring that you can conduct your business without any fear of any CIS penalties.

You must obtain advice where:

  • you are likely to provide building / construction services
  • you are likely to engage subcontractors to fulfil building / construction services

In the event that you are going to engage subcontractors, we can provide you with full support enabling you to fully comply with your obligations and ensure that your monthly CIS returns are completed correctly and filed on time every month.