Company Formation

The Internet is littered with formation agents and company formation sites. Some offering the services as extremely low rates. Given that this new entity is going to be used to earn profits in £000's, then it is not a wise decision to try and save that last £10 on formation costs.

This is where it can make or break a business as the wrong structure or wrong opportunity may cost £000's to rectify at a later stage. There is no substitute in using a Qualified Accountant in forming your limited company.

Why not gives us a call to arrange a FREE consultation to discuss your new company and get it setup right from day 1? At our meeting, we can highlight the issues that you need to address such as:

  • shareholders - having your husband / wife as a shareholder
  • shares issued
  • share classes - the rights and the wrongs
  • directors and their responsibilities
  • tax efficient profit extraction
  • HM Revenue and Customs - your obligations
  • VAT, PAYE and corporation tax matters
  • Companies House issues

If you still like to proceed to incorporate your company without the FREE consultation, then we do offer a facility to incorporate the new company HERE >>