Contractors - Limited Company

At Jays, we have been successfully servicing such contractor companies for more than 20 years. Our recipe for this success is simple and involves addressing matters such as:

  • Share structure – get the details right from day 1! 
  • Salary – ensure that you follow the rules when paying salaries
  • Dividends – there is a legal procedure to this – follow it 
  • Expenses – ensuring running costs /expenses get tax relief 
  • Bonuses - when would these be appropriate?
  • Spouse - using husband / wife to reduce tax is possible
  • Contracts - ensure that these avoid IR35

In additon to these services, we provide optional services that will assess the contracts in place and provide professional support in case of any HMRC challenge. In some cases, our additional services can indemnify the business of any additional tax liabilites!

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