Financial Review

Producing regular accounts is only useful if they are read and actions follows. We believe that action should follow even when profits are being made as there may be several "pips" that can be squeezed to get that extra profitability out of the business.

For example, one of our clients received our reports that showed great profitability but when we questioned the costs of foreign exchange, they realised that they were paying too much. The client re-negotiated with the dealer and the rates came down substantially, giving rise to ever more profits!

We will happily meet with our clients on a periodical basis to review their accounts. Our review will:

  • Interrogate the accounts line by line so that the client has full understanding of their business performance
  • Highlight particular areas of concern such a cost overruns, incorrect margins etc
  • Identify potential areas of tax exposures
  • Determine company policy to ensure that tax planning opportunities are realised