Paying Suppliers

Ensuring that your suppliers are paid on time is important but equally important is ensuring that the suppliers account with you is correct. Time and again we see businesses incurring costs against which the supplier has not supplied any invoice which could result in your business being denied a VAT deduction or a tax deduction and in worst cases paying suppliers for goods / services never received!

If your accounting for suppliers is just keeping a box of unpaid supplier invoices, then you are effectively at risk from the above problems! Does your box accounting system ensure that you avoid paying twice for the same invoice?

At Jays, we can support your business by:

  • ensuring that your internal procedures avoid duplication and missing invoices
  • ensure that suppliers are paid correctly and on time
  • develop your computerised system to enable you to keep a history of supplier account
  • supply you with a list of suppliers to be paid
  • ultimately ensure that you are able to deduct VAT and obtain a tax deduction
  • where required, we can process your cheques / internet banking payments for your business