If you employ staff within your business, it is a legal requirement to operate a HM Revenue and Customs approved payroll scheme. Operating any payroll scheme is tedious and often boring at the best of times, however our computerised payroll system will breeze through any type of payroll set up, cost effectively.

We can also handle all the Real Time Information system issues that are now in force and guide you through all the relevant requirements. Follow the link for more about the Real Time Information (RTI) system.

Don't waste time trying to operate this in your own and making mistakes, why not take up our service and all the technical support that comes with our service?

Our range of payroll solutions are provided at fixed rates and are suitable for schemes employing up to 50 employees. We can provide:

  • weekly payroll - paid by the hour or day
  • monthly payroll
  • quarterly payroll for small companies operating a fixed payroll schemes

Our systems can handle all types of variations such as:

  • maternity/paternity pay
  • statutory sick pay
  • student loan deductions etc....

We can advise on alternative tax efficient payroll solutions such as Child Care Vouchers, Payroll Giving etc