Register with Companies House

If your business has been setup as a Limited Liability partnership or a Limited company, then you will have to deal with Companies House throughout the course of your business.

Companies House is a government organisation that controls and regulates the activities of businesses that have chosen to be an Limited Liability Partnership or a Limited company. As part of its activities, it also maintains a database of information that can be accessed by the general public. For a small charge and in some case free of charge, you can find out the following information about registered businesses:

  • The owners of the businesses
  • The managers / administrators of the businesses
  • Where the business is located
  • Their accounts
  • Whether they have any mortgages or charges on their business

Some of the information is detailed and businesses have to under Companies Act 2006 disclose that information BUT some matters such as your accounts can be filed in a limited format. This format is called Registrar Accounts and they only disclose the very basics of the business.

Most of the time we advise that businesses file Registrar Accounts but in some instances it is recommended to file full detailed accounts.

To ensure that the integrity of the database is maintained, Companies House imposes severe penalties for failure to file documents on time and to disclosing inaccurate information.

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