Sage is a long established company that supplies a range of software for businesses of all sizes. Their software is state of the art and class leading and will  handle bookkeeping, accounting, VAT, PAYE, RTI etc. The costs of Sage start from only £5 / month, why not visit their website to see what they have available for you?

The software is built on robust SQL technology and the reporting functions are highly configurable. We have in house expertise to enable your installation of Sage to provide you with the reports that are unique and dedicated to your business.

Before you decide on acquiring any package, it will pay you to seek advice from a Qualified Accountant to ensure that you receive the right version. 

Depending on the product selected, we may be able to obtain that at a discount from normal retail price. 

Using Jays will ensure that you not only select the right product but that you have the support that will go with it, ensuring that your business is supported to the highest possible standard.

Our belief in accounting software is that businesses should at anytime be able to establish their profits, losses and ongoing performance with reasonable accuracy from the reports provided!

Why not take this opportunity to have a FREE one hour consultation with one of our specialists to see how your installation can be developed and improved.