Tax Solutions

Depending on the structure of your business, the tax payable could be anything up to 60%. In addition, despite what the Government says, national insurance is a tax and it suddenly becomes clear that both of these payments are a major overhead for a businesses.

If your business has been setup with little thought to the taxes payable, it might be time to re-evaluate your current advisers.

We have supported our clients with very advanced thinking when it comes to tax planning and in particular we will think outside the box - legally of course!

We believe there are many ways in which tax efficiencies could be achieved without impacting on the day to day business profitability such as:

  • Business re-structuring - should your business be a limited company, limited liability partnership or sole trader?
  • Tax Planning - have you taken advantage of all the Government reliefs available?
  • Ownership changes - are the owners changing / selling out / retiring now or very soon?
  • New investors - is your business looking for new investment from new shareholders?
  • Capital Reduction - does your company have too many classes of shares or share premium accounts you need to eliminate?
  • Assets - Many asset acquisitions will get extra tax relief, have you claimed all yours?

These are very advanced areas of tax planning and we will ensure that you and your business are presented with all suitable opportunities available.